Who we are

Our primary goal to recognize real components of a company and building customized business relationships through the good understanding of the links among the given components. We can ensure
efficient use of resources in accordance of the requirements of the client fitting on company strategy and
targets. This type of service assists profit oriented firms in their dynamic increase.

*According to the new theory of networks, no more than five people are needed to find common
acquaintances between two living in two different poles of the world. We try to simplify this process with
providing our contacts, knowledge and awareness of the market what is essential for success.

Our company gained C-type National Security Certificate in 2012.

What does “business networking” mean

It covers the different processes and methods used in a personalized service.


Priority clients

Indra Czech Republic

Siemens Blighter

Ok System

Physter Technology a.s.

Power House Energy

Red Lion Bioenergy




Pro Patria Elektronics

The business process

contact us on the given e-mail address

personal appointment

written description of objective

cooperation plan set-up

schedule of tasks


client access to a time axis based CRM system (clear controlling, tracking)

periodical invoicing after fulfillment


Write to us:

Soldos Péter
Phone: +36 30 978 0163
Email: peter.soldos@mrcy.eu